Black Women Sexy

I recently asked a few Black men at the gym what they found most attractive about Black women. They joked, “Black woman sexy.” I replied, “Black woman sexy?” “Yup, Black woman sexy,” they responded. When I asked them to clarify , they explained that they have a preference to only date Black women. Aside from the importance of preserving values and traditions that are tied to culture and race, they felt that Black women were sexier than women of other faces. Hence they coined the phrase, “Black woman sexy.” They also added that dating and marrying a Black woman eliminates the future misunderstandings that will eventually arise in the future when spouses, families and kids will not understand the other’s habits and background. They explained that it wasn’t a matter of discriminating, rather, over time, it would simply be easier to spend a lifetime with someone who shares a similar past and background. I nodded, “Black woman sexy,” made sense to me. While I may not agree with the premise, I certainly appreciate the candor of these gentlemen and their honesty. It does not make them racist or judgmental because of their opinions. Dialogue and respect for opinions is always important even when parties disagree.

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